Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saved from the yard sale

 I have been having a yard sale just about every weekend to clear out the extra clutter in my house. IF it has not been used we are not keeping it. I have my hands full picking up behind the 2 kiddos. So items like this cute candle holder that we received at our wedding almost 9 years ago didn't make the cut. As you can see it is really cute, but not something we could keep out for little hands to grab at. The crystal drops that hold the tealights are pretty heavy and would make quite a booboo on my little ones. Can't you just imagine that point falling on a foot or a head even YIKES. I figure we spend enough time at the doctor's office already. Besides I think we only used it as home decor in our townhouse when we were first married. When we built the new house it just didn't "go" anywhere so it was just set somewhere upstairs. So to the Yard sale pile it went.
Well during the yard sale I noticed something about this candle holder. It looked similar to something I had been searching for:
I had been wanting a metal dress form to hang my jewelry on in my bedroom.

So did you notice what I noticed? Once I took off the crystal drops, it looked like this:
Did you see it? similar shaping, looks perfect for holding jewelry. I didn't like the two tone silver and gold balls on it, so I added the hanging drops to the yard sale pile and got out the trusty Rustoleum Black Lacquer Spray Paint that I got on clearance from Hobby Lobby for 2.99. Thank goodness it lasts so long. So I sprayed it in the front yard while waiting.
and I took this photo to show it against the white.

And then I let it dry a bit more and air out so my room didn't smell like paint fumes but basically.....


Oh and I just found this other photo of it where the lighting is better:

So what do you think? Not a bad salvage for something that was headed to yard sale pile. and Totally Free to Me. That clearance spray paint has come in pretty handy. I ended up using it again on another project this weekend.

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