Monday, December 31, 2007

About me!

Ok, So if you want to know a little bit about me.....

I am the oldest of 3 kids. My dad is a Pastor, an only child, originally from Charlotte, and yes I was born there too. His job moved us around the Carolinas growing up. My mom is a nurse, the youngest girl of 6 kids, originally from Uxbridge, Massachusetts. She was raised in a Catholic Family and doesn't keep up with her parents anymore. The rest of the family is really close knit. We are the only ones that don't live in MA.

I grew up an honor roll student, FHA State Leader, not really popular, but people knew who I was. I always 2nd guessed myself. I did not worry overall because I knew I was living my life with no regrets. I was the "good girl." I dated some, and enjoyed High School, but wouldn't go back. I guess you could say I was a nerd. LOL I kept stats for Basketball and baseball. I graded papers, was in the National Honor Society, and Battle of the books. I LOVE TO READ By the way. I always envied my sister- 16 months younger than me, she was the beautiful one, ditzy, popular, the cheerleader, but SMART!

I gave my parents no worries growing up- I did backtalk, and wanted to go to the things the cool kids did, but when they said No, I didn't push the limits. I didn't sneak out. I never could do that though.

I came into my own in college. Campbell University was the place for me. More people that believed the same as me. I was in the majority. I felt comfortable. I knew my limits and knew my parents raised me to make the strong decisions I was. I dated the "hot" guys-HA, was on Homecoming Court- something that shocked me. I was in Student Government, planned the parades and parties. I dated the Spring King. Man- I would go back to those days!!!

I graduated with my Biology degree- no longer wanting to be a Dentist- but loved my field. I got a job working in labs and loved it. I met the man of my dreams- without knowing that he was the man of my dreams. He was younger than me, didn't like to drive, didn't like to leave the area, and was a mama's boy! LOL He won me over with persistence. . I became closer to my mom, and bought my own house. I Loved being an Adult.

I met new friends- neighbors, co-workers, random people, people with the same hobbies. I live to be creative or copy someone else's idea. I like scrapbooking, photography, saving, stamps, sewing, and I am sure I will find more. LOL. I like to stay busy, have a FULL life. I enjoy cooking, good wine, fun martinis. I like to have close talks, to sit and enjoy the company of another person.

I married the man of my dreams in 2002. I lost my job, but found one even better for me! Recruiting for personnel! I found myself- became more outspoken, stood up for more, got involved in politics.

I change my hairstyle, and color, I got a tattoo.....yes I did, conservative me.....but it is well hidden.

I have a daughter that I Love to pieces. I just want to hug her and squeeze her and love her forever. She is a pistol already, and has my temper, though I tell people it is Shea's. LOL She showed me a life I never knew I could love so much! I never knew my heart could be so Full!

I love church! I love how they reach out and I am getting more involved.

I am so proud of how far I have come and what I have accomplished in life so far. I believe it is the meaningful stuff!! and it does make a difference!!!

2008....a NEW Beginning

So many things to think of at the start of a New Year! Yes I realize it isn't here yet, but it might as well be.

So 2007 in Review:

Final Trimester of my Pregnancy
Bad Cold- YUCK-not fun when you are pregnant
Baby Showers/Nursery Set-up
Spencer Isabel Arrives via C-section- she wouldn't cooperate
Richmond Bridal Shower
Beach Trip to Myrtle Beach
My sister, Rachel's Wedding
Back to work
Trip to Florida
Start a Purse business
Switch Divisions at work

So Lots of Fun, Great things happened- Lots more to Look forward to in 2008-

Trip to Hawaii in April
Spencer's 1st Birthday
getting rid of PMI on the house!!! WOOHOO!
getting a better handle on our debt
enjoying life with my family
finding a way to work out- That I enjoy and can make time for!!!
Getting my house and life organized! - I would say Shea-getting him to get organized but that would not happen!!! LOL


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