Monday, May 2, 2011

Cute Little Decor Project

I had this odd little vase (I guess that's what it is). I don't know where I got it, I may have had it before we moved into this house 6 years ago. It was dark and shiny, and just odd, especially for the feel of our house. I never used it, and was adding it to our yardsale/donation pile. That is, until someone reminded me of the joys of spray paint and how it can transform an item into something fresh. I have recently found that I am uplifted by light colors and have had a lot of white paint and spray paint around the house. So I figured for a Saturday that I was already at home waiting for yard sale shoppers that rarely came, why not give it a shot.

First of all, here is a before shot:
See the odd color of it? where would you use this? Anyway, I had this Rust-oleum white Lacquer Spraypaint that I picked up on clearance at Hobby Lobby in Gastonia for just $2.99. See the price tag?
I then sprayed it while we sat outside so it would have time to dry. Now you have to make sure to cover it all and keep an even spray. Basically you need to keep your hand moving. I wore a glove and picked up the vase from the middle and flipped it over to get full coverage under the neck and on the bottom. It literally took only 10 minutes. So I ended up grabbing a few other items to change while we were at it. I will tell you about them another time though. My final product has this nice matte white vibe. It is cheerful and looks like it belongs somewhere. You can finally even see that it has a little vine pattern to it and it makes much more sense in white.

In fact it made me so happy I knew exactly where I wanted to put it.I even cleaned off the bathroom counter to get the full effect of it. What a nice weekend. It is funny to me that by making myself stay home for the weekend, other than church of course, helped me to accomplish more, relax more, and enjoy the simple things. I was able to enjoy watching my daughter run around playing with our chickens, and the neighbor's kids. My son was able to enjoy sitting outside in his exersaucer. My husband and I were able to enjoy our time together. Simple accomplishments can bring about a world of difference for my self-worth! Yours might not be through crafting in this way, but I am sure there is something similar that gives you the same feeling!


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