Monday, May 9, 2011

Mirror Project

I wish I had thought to take a picture of this mirror "before" but I was still very new to blogging about my projects to think through all of it. I did think to snap a few during but missed several steps and this took place over quite a bit of time. A couple weeks at least. NOT that it would take you that long to do it, it just took ME that long because I had to keep stopping to nurse a baby, settle down the 4 year old, Play, cook, etc. The normal crazy stuff that happens in my life.

But I picked up this mirror at a yard sale for $3. It was a basic mirror that goes on a dresser. It had the long rods on the back where it would slide and screw into the dresser back to be stable. I just had to unscrew those and take them off. And it was a basic wood frame, maybe oak colored.So first thing I did was tape up the mirror part so it wouldn't get paint on it. I just used tissue paper and painters tape.

Then before I painted I applied this Valspar Weathered Crackle Glaze with a cloth. Now a quick note about this glaze. I went very light on it, and probably should have used a paintbrush to apply it, but I was afraid it would crackle it in the wrong places or too much but I didn't apply enough and the cloth absorbed most of it, so I had NO crackle effect show up.

Then I spray painted the wood frame white with this Rust-oleum Spray paint from Hobby Lobby. I did pick up several cans since it was on clearance.

Then I took a sheet of sand paper and folded it up to fit around the edges of the mirror and hit certain spots I wanted roughed up and sanded away.
When I was finished I moved it into the master bedroom on top of my dresser and it looked like this:
Again please forgive the bad pictures. I was still new at the blog picture taking. you can somewhat see the edges of the mirror sanded to give it some age. I wanted it big and white because as you can see, my bedroom is this bright blue. It is actually more of a Carolina sky blue. We wanted something calm in the room and have chocolate bedding, but with all of our cherry furniture it just made the room so dark looking. So I am in process of making our house more of a farmhouse, and this mirror certainly lightens up the room. I have added a few more details and rearranged the room since then. I will be posting another project that I made for this room soon!
Would love to hear your tips and feedback, and any ideas you have for lightening a room without painting. Mainly because I don't want to mess with moving the furniture out of my room and don't have that much time to put the babies down to accomplish it on my own. We did add a white bedspread for our bed and use the chocolate colored duvet and pillow shams as accent pieces. It certainly helped with the coloring. Next up is wall art....

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