Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great Deal- converting to digital Media

Plum District - Plum deals for the savvy mom. $40 for $100 Worth of Media Transfer Services to Digital Format + $20 Towards Shipping from

***This is another post that disappeared last week and has now reappeared. Hope it still works for the deal but I still think the product is just great!****

Have you signed up for the Plum District emails yet? You should. I don't always get the deals that come across, but I do learn about new businesses that I may use later. This is a deal I am jumping on NOW!


This is what my email said;

Terrified that something is going to happen to your old VHS and rolls of film? Priceless memories are on those home movies and family photos - let PeggyBank help you preserve those moments for generations.
PeggyBank will transfer your ancient media into a digital format that will last forever. Delivered right to your door, The PeggyBox comes with everything you need to safely ship your priceless memories. It also includes FREE FedEx shipping from your home to PeggyBank. Each box can hold up to 25 VHS Tapes, over a thousand pictures, or 50 rolls of 8mm film. You can combine all your media in the box, just put it in and they will sort it out.
Once they receive your order PeggyBank will take a full inventory and send you a total cost for your approval and purchase. It is so easy, and you will be amazed at how much $120 worth can get you!
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I can clean out my office, my HS VHS tapes I want to save and my wedding tape can be converted! Why not! I can save so much space and store everything safely!


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