Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

It has gone by so fast! So a quick update, Will is doing so much better! All praise goes to God our Father, the ultimate Healer.

Will walks without the walker, but he is still having balance issues, memory issues, and has some trouble from the TBI. I am now working at CMC in HR. I love the people I work with and the work I do.

Shea and I have had to learn the hard way to manage our finances better. Better early in life.

Spencer is so fast, climbed/fell out of the crib again today so we finally moved her into the toddler bed. Bedtime tonight is HARD, this is no piece of cake and breaks my heart to hear her crying at the door, and Shea is NOT happy with me, but he didn't want her falling out of the crib anymore.

She is almost potty trained and is back at Alex's. we tried the daycare thing but it did not work so well for us.

I am trying hard to keep the house cleaned.

Our friends Jason and Kat had their little boy- Jackson Hayes. He is just beautiful!

We see the pregnancy bug is still in the water- lots of people we know and love are having babies.

It is almost campmeeting time and we can't wait! We love this time of year except the fact that it means summer is over.

We have a trip to HIlton Head planned in September- Labor day week. and were planning to go to Hawaii again tickets bought and everything til the airline cancelled our flights and the only ones available now are traveling almost 24 hours- and not doing that to Miss Spencer. So looking at other flights or maybe not going.

So that is about it in a nutshell! Hope everyone had a safe 4th!


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