Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reusable Sandwich/Snack Bags

I made the little baggie posted below in Less than 5 Minutes from beginning to end. That is cutting out the material and everything. When we were in Richmond for my sisters baby shower I had seen a few of these for sale in some of the boutiques around. I love the idea of using cute fabric options and even personalizing them. I have seen them with velcro or these fold-over sandwich baggie types. I will say this one was super easy.

There is debate as to whether you should just use plain ole fabric versus something lined with oil-cloth or PUL or some other food safe option. I chose just the basic fabric since I can just wash it. some of the ingredients in PUL or modern oil cloth still has so much chemical to it that I don't feel comfortable using it with my food, otherwise, whats the point of going more natural with these?

So I followed the super simple, and entertaining tutorial found at this site:

Anyone seriously, anyone, can do this! My daughter could not wait to use it this morning when I showed it to her, thus it already having a sandwich in it.

Hope you try this out and get to making your own reusable baggies. I know this will save our budget significantly by not buying ziploc bags. And I just used scraps of fabric I had left over.

The finished project

Jessica ballard

With a sandwich inside

Jessica ballard

Another view

Jessica ballard

Pictures of my latest project

Jessica ballard

Monday, September 27, 2010

Diaper Cake

My mom and I made this cute, simple Diaper cake for my sister's baby shower. It turned out so cute and made a great centerpiece for the shower. It is easily personalized with theme colors and can be added to for special gift ideas.

Easy Flower hairclip

You can go to just about any craft store now and find these cute flowers that can be layered for many different ideas. We use them to make hair clips, but you could use them in scrap booking, to clip to shoes, or for gift wrap, and even more ideas I am sure.All you have to do is use a brad to push through them to secure the layered petals together, and hot clue to a hair clip. We do line our hair clips with thin ribbon- I just think it looks nicer, and doesn't tend to slip out of my daughters hair as easily.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Magnet Board

Love how easy, cheap, and wonderful this project does. So this is basically a fabric covered piece of metal placed in a used picture frame. How simple! Now the trick can be finding the metal- you can use the flat pipe metal at lowes, which is easier to cut with basic kitchen shears, and I hear works well. I happen to have a hubby that works with metal and saves scraps or cuts pieces for me to fit. So mine is made from actual sheet metal- for FREE. I got the frame from a local thrift shop for $1, and already had the fabric. This was fabric I was debating using in Baby Boy's nursery but couldn't figure out what or how I wanted to use it. So this was perfect. And I Love the rustic feel of the frame. Its kinda banged up and looks used and well loved. So the only work that really had to be done to it, was measure the opening of the frame where the metal will sit, give those measurements to my hubby, or if you are cutting the flat pipe metal, cut those dimensions with your kitchen shears. I then laid my fabric down, wrong side up, and placed the metal on top of it. I made sure there was plenty of fabric to overlap on the edges and cut the fabric to fit. I then just had to use spray craft adhesive on the metal, and place the fabric on the adhesive to attach it, while making sure it is pretty tight to look nice on the other side. Place the fabric covered piece of metal in the frame, attach the back, and you are DONE!

 I already hung mine in the nursery above the changing table so we can put notes or little things to remember on it.

I made another one this same day. I had a black frame, but instead of using fabric to cover the metal, I used chalkboard paint. Again- very easy. Paint the metal fairly thick to cover the metal up, let dry- and place in the frame. I have a magnetic chalkboard that we hung at our main family entrance to the house near where we place keys, etc. My daughter already likes to place her pictures and drawings on it and change it out. I need to take a picture of it too. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Recent Sewing Projects

 Here are a few recent sewing projects that I have completed. This first one is from scrap fabric at walmart. This is the fabric that is gathered at the top so all you have to do is sew one seam at the back and you have a tube dress. My daughter was getting ready for a cowboy themed Bible School at my parents church so I pulled this out and created the tube dress quickly, and then b/c I think it is not very age appropriate for my 3 year old to wear strapless, I added some cute lace for straps. It turned out really cute and she loved it. Nice quick and easy project especially for a beginner. I did have to hem the bottom.

I enjoy tube tops in the summer, they are quick, great for the beach and comfy when made from knit fabrics. and always a plus when it helps rid me of my strap marks lol. I had trouble finding any color/patterns that I liked or ones that went down long enough to cover my belly. So I decided to make my own. I had to measure my bust and hips to make sure it would be big enough to fit, and would actually prefer it to be a bit more flowy vs fitted. But all it took was cutting it, sewing down the one seam. I decided to make it reversible by doing another at the same time and sewing the tops together. Then I created a casing between the 2 different fabrics to thread my elastic through- which was also cut to fit comfortably just above my bust. There was no need to hem the bottom since it was knit and it doesn't unravel, but you could. I didn't. IT was a quick project, under an hour, and I have worn it several times throughout the summer.

I Love sewing for little girls. I have a friend that had a baby girl. Her husband plays the guitar and is just wonderful to listen to when we are all sitting outside by a campfire. So little girl got an awesome name after her Daddy's guitar- Gibson. Such a perfect fit for them. I was so inspired when I found some cute girly guitar prints that I just had to make this for her. This project started with a basic onesie that I cut just above the leg openings. I measured fabric against an infant gown to make it long enough once sewn to the bottom of the trimmed onesie. I folded the bottom edge up enough to hem and create a casing to run ribbon through- though you could also use elastic. It turned out extremely cute!

A Cool Way to Decorate and Scan a New Baby | Family Style

WOW, I am loving this decorative idea I stumbled across. May have to think of an easy way to do it myself. But how cute! I think Baby Boy needs this in his room!

A Cool Way to Decorate and Scan a New Baby | Family Style

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Month is the Best Month to Buy Items?

A great post to help plan and when to expect certain sales. I have also seen one somewhere of the months that other things like TVs, linens, furniture, etc are on sale.

What Month is the Best Month to Buy Items?

The Table I built with my own hands.....

Yes I built this table, following the plans I found on Ana White's website for the Modern Farmhouse table. This picture shows when I had just finished building it, but before sanding. And well we still haven't stained it or painted it. So, we will be updating with another picture once that is done. Check out her site for ideas of your own, they really are simple to follow. Don't be scared. I just dove right into it. I made a few mistakes but they were fixable, and even my FIL who is a carpenter/finish man, was impressed with what I did. Oh and I did this while Pregnant! I have a few other things on my list to make from her plans- the crate carts, the craft table.......I can see so many options.

Vintage Crate Carts

I Love the ideas Ana comes up with on her site and the easy to follow instructions on how to create it. I have already built her farmhouse table. We just have to paint or stain it now. It currently sits in our kitchen with a table cloth over it. I am so proud of it. I built it all by myself.
Will post a pic of it soon. Well anyway, Ana just posted directions for these great crate carts. I can see using these upstairs in our house to organize all the toys and stuff easily to clean up for company and hideaway in either the side rooms or in the dormers for birthday parties and the like. Great ideas on this wonderful site. Be sure to check it out. IF I can learn to build something following her directions, anyone can!

Vintage Crate Carts

Monday, September 13, 2010

Next Craft project........
                                                      I found this wonderful wholesale fabric place that has big sales twice a year where I can get fabric by the pound. Hubby is a hunter, and I know all about scentlock fabric. I scored a Great deal on several Large pieces of scentlock camo fabric for super cheap. 2.50/lb really and if you have felt this fabric you know how light it is. I was able to create something for the hubby for the first time. I have fixed and salvaged things before for him, but I made him these camo pants- he can use them to hunt- by layering them, or for PJ pants. They fit, they are comfortable, and they look great! He was very happy and surprised, and I was tickled that I was able to make him something that he can use and enjoy.

Craft updates!

Easter Bucket view 1

View 2

I couldn't find an Easter Bucket that I Loved this year. So I went to Lowes and got a cheap pail near the paint section. I have recently "borrowed" my moms Cricut- though she will not be getting it back anytime soon, especially since I have had it since early March LOL. I had such fun cutting the vinyl out to make this personal. We have a small farm, so afterwards this had a perfect use for helping my daughter feed the animals with her dad. It didn't last very long sitting outside in the rain though. It rusted straight up, but is still functional for feeding.......just doesn't look near as pretty.

Quick update on my Girl

My 2 year Old at the Beach- 2009

My 3 year old having a Princess Picnic for her birthday!

I can't believe I have an child so big. S had grown up so fast. She is in her 2nd year of Dance, her 1st year of Preschool and Awanas, and will soon be starting Upward Cheerleading. AND,

Yes, we will be adding a Baby Brother in November!


Well We are making some changes around here. I need an outlet, and with a Baby #2, a boy, arriving in November I have been super crafty, un-cluttering, and re-doing just about the whole house. Thank God hubby has not lost his temper or sanity over that yet. My wonderful sister is also having her first baby- a girl just 3 weeks ahead of me. So I have lots of ideas running through my head.

In spite of the life changes which have spurred my creative juices flowing, I wanted to share some ideas and some of my results and gather other ideas as well. So this is now my creative outlet.......looking forward to sharing with you all.....


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