Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day project

Mother's Day Plaque

I started off with various sized board pieces, sorry I couldn't tell ya what kind it is, its whatever my hubby brought me. I sprayed the edges and parts of the top with a blue spray paint. It was whatever my FIL had in his shop from pinewood derby cars. But it should not matter what shade. I then covered it in this basic white spray paint all over.

So after I finished painting it, this is how it looked, along with pics of the spray paint I used. I also used a sheet of sandpaper to age it and hit the edges and some spots on the front to allow the blue and some wood grain to show through.

I then used my handy Cricut, that I stole borrowed from my mom. She hasn't missed it yet I guess. I used the Don Juan cartridge for the letters, and Stretch your imagination for the cupcake stencil and bottom.

I then let my little helper stick the letter decals on after I placed them on the wood to line it up to look right. Be sure to do this before you take the back off so you can move it as needed. But I had No trouble with my sweetie doing it herself.

We used the cut out portion of the cupcake to be the wrapper, and then I placed the cupcake top down to use as a stencil, so my girl could paint it. She chose purple because her Grammy loves purple.

Here is our final view again:

This could be used to hang, or use as a trivet.

We made another for my mom but I didn't take a picture of it. We did it as more of a beach theme and it says Nana's playhouse! They both loved them and I was happy with how they turned out. My hubby could not imagine what I was going to do with this wood and thought I was crazy. He was very impressed with how it turned out. I did not have to buy one thing to make these, just scraps and paint and wood that was lying around already!


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