Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shopping Spree!!!

I so want to have a shopping spree. I am one of those people that Loves to shop, but most of the time I put stuff in my buggy and take it out before I leave a store. I guess I get somewhat of a 'high' just by placing an item in the buggy. I then come to my senses before check out and realize I don't need the item and put it away. I Love finding a deal, but have lately found myself only getting things I absolutely need instead of lots of little things I don't need but found a deal on. I get super excited by finding stuff at thrift. PROJECT! a lot of the blogs I follow are about DIY crafts, sewing, decor, furniture. I enjoy these things. I want my house to look nice, but on a budget. And it allows me to find things to do/keep busy relatively cheap. One of the $ saving blogs I read lead me to this post. We budget. We save. We are cutting out our debt and will never have a credit card again! and If we could get rid of this timeshare we have, we will never do that again either. In the meantime, we are utilizing that timeshare since we have to pay annual maintenance anyway.

Ok back on track! We follow Dave Ramsey's steps in the Total Money makeover towards Financial Peace. I can personally tell you I have much more peace and knowledge over our finances than ever before. I now talk to my hubby openly when things are tight, when we can't spend, when I blew money on something I shouldn't. Even though I maintain our finances, I am now completely honest with him when I flubbed up and we work together on how to fix it. It helps having someone to be accountable to. We also sit and do our budget together and build in fun, splurges, dinner out, but have also found to ask for those things for gifts. Having 2 small children, we would rather watch movies at home when the kids are in bed than pay babysitter, waste gas to drive and pay $$$ movie tix and snacks, plus the usual dinner out. Its too stressful! and there are other things we would like to use our money on, like maybe new cute shoes, kidding, well only partly! I do want some new peep toes I saw on the Payless website. Really things like our daughters birthday party, or animals for our small farm. or pictures of the kids, etc.

We do get tired of the necessity to budget, to do without, to not splurge. We would like to go out and have a Huge Sushi dinner, or go to the Melting Pot or cheesecake factory. However when I read the post below, it helped put it back in perspective. Hope it helps you too!

How To Combat Frugal Fatigue | Momtastic


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