Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Preschool Printables

My daughter is so smart! Really she is, I am not just bragging. She repeats things to me and tells me things that stun me sometimes. I mean really, what 3 year old do you know that can tell you about Tsunamis and can tell you about what she heard on the news about an earthquake and Tsunami in Japan and then Hawaii? She loves extreme weather. She currently watches the news and is intent about this crazy weather we are having in the south lately with the tornadoes. We had to get up in the middle of the night about a month ago and hover in our bedroom closet with a tornado going by outside. She remembers that- I am grateful for that night that she crawled into bed with us saving us from having to run to her bedroom across the house to get her. Anyway, I would love to home school but having to work full-time prevents me from doing that. I have stumbled upon several blogs lately with really neat preschool age printables and home school materials. My daughter is what we call a farm princess. More on that in another post!  So when I saw these princess and knight printables I had to download them. She loves reading and doing colors, patterns, and counting. So I see this being a Great help on our drive to the beach this summer and when I am nursing her baby brother. I hope you can find use out of these sites as well. At least I can help prepare her for school and by using the Biblical based lessons on the site I can prepare her faith for a school that does not support our beliefs.

Free Preschool Printables

a Few other fun Preschool packs and printables I saw, and honestly I could probably link to a TON. they all look so interesting and FUN. I could totally see doing many of these programs I hope you can use them as well. Big Thanks to 1plus1plus1equals1 and


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