Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is it possible?

Is it possible that 4 years has gone by? It has to be! Because my little girl is 4!

She is about as sassy as they come, and SO opinionated. Don't you just love her sense of style? I love the chicken feeding boots, with the $2 Christian Ministry dress. I especially love the haircut she ended up having to have because she cut the sides of her own hair, so I had to trim up the back so she didn't have a modified mullet. She has the softest ringlet curls. They are so pretty wet, but man once she sleeps, it is so tangled. 

She is so worried about people. She has the kindest heart. And is smart as they come. DO you know a 4 year old that knows what a Tsunami is? or that her grandparents were in Hawaii when one was coming? She amazes me with what she remembers and says. She told her daddy that he needed to go to Japan to help them clean up from the Tsunami and to tell them about Jesus.  I guess I am not such a failure as a parent after all.

What did I do to deserve the blessing of this child? I am reminded of the first Easter we had with her was when we brought her home from the hospital. And now at her 4th Easter, I am even more grateful to Christ for what he did for me, for my family. I realize how deeply it had to hurt for God to watch His Son die on the cross for Me. I am reminded of what our Pastor reminded us about the children's song Jesus Loves Me. If we really believed He loves us, why are we lukewarm? Why don't we act like we care more? I hope in spite of the times I fail as a parent and as a Christian sometimes, that I can at least point my child in the right direction.

Lord Forgive my many failures as a parent and in pointing others to you. Thank you for trusting me with your precious gifts to be a Mother to them.


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