Tuesday, April 5, 2011

About Boys.......

 I have tried to change my method of thinking. I never thought I could think outside of girly tutus and glitter and crowns and hair bows, but let's face it. I have this adorable faced baby boy that I am dying to make something special for.

Those beautiful clear blue eyes make me melt, and it makes me want to make him something special just for the sheer joy of looking at him. I already find myself pointing out things to my hubby, who has final say on all boy clothing items. I saw this adorable navy blue kufi hat on a child at church and could honestly not tell if it were a boy or girl so asked DH if he thought I could get one for our son, if it looked masculine enough. He is on the fence about it, so I think I may buy one, see how it looks on because worst case I can pass it down to my niece who is a month older than my son......Oh and said child at church was a girl....hopefully that does not matter.  :-)

Anyway so back to making some awesome item for my son. I know- I have plans for a tie onesie. I have an awesome friend that made these gorgeous leather shoes for him and some cloth diapers. But I am dying for something crafty. SO........

I want to start a series on crafty stuff for boys. I can't wait to share with you some of the wonderful ideas I have found so far on great boy blogs!!!

I am working on a neat giveaway and having a Contest.

Here is one site I came across in my boy craft stalking.

Made By Rae: Celebrate Boys

Check it out and tell her I sent you over. And Tell me about some things you came up with to do for boys.


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