Thursday, April 7, 2011

Extreme Couponing Review – Not Reality ::

Ok I coupon. I like saving Money! I like getting stuff for Free. BUT I DO NOT like clutter. Hoarding. having to keep stuff I won't use. I Donate, but I don't like keeping track of a huge amount of stuff. OR Taking my newborn and preschooler to the grocery store for an extended grocery trip. I don't like Planning for HOURS for a shopping trip. I make a list of stuff we need as we are getting low or running out, etc, and I clip coupons ONLY of what we actually use. I am not brand loyal, or store loyal. I will not drive around to several stores. I don't have time, and don't like getting 2 kids in and out of the car several times.

I like hearing of other people that have the patience to do that. I think many of them do it out of necessity of course, and most that have the extreme going on are stay at home and using it to seriously alleviate costs. I understand that.

What I don't understand is the people on the TV show. Why buy more than you need? excessively more than you need, even if you plan to donate it? Why clean off the shelves just for you? Why not save some for the other moderate couponers? Why buy products you don't even need or use just because its a deal, when other people really use it, need it, for their kids, for lunches, for diapers, for special diets, for allergies, and you have not left one single item on the shelf for anyone else? It may be frugal, but its still extremely selfish. I liked this review from Southern Savers- one of the sites I follow to help me find the specific deals I need. It also points out that these people, and the stores they are shopping in, are not following the coupon policies in place, and a normal person would not have the ability to score these exact types of deals. Sorry for the small rant, but I know all couponers are not like this.

Extreme Couponing TLC Review – Not a Reality :: Southern Savers – Extreme Couponing Southern Style


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