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Applied Labels Review/Giveaway!

Applied labels :
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First let me apologize for the pictures they were taken on my phone. I am working on making the photos that I share better looking and easier to view. If you have any tips, please share.

So, I want to tell you about these labels. They make waterproof, dishwasher-safe labels, that can be used as specialty baby bottle labels, date labels and clothing labels including iron-on labels. These are great for a number of uses, including daycare, camp, and more. The tag-a-longs and shoe shields are pretty nifty too. Imagine those pricey Gymboree shoes or ballet shoes that you don't want to lose, or don't want to lose just one, so you currently have to write the name inside the shoe or on the bottom, but that makes them harder to resell or consign. With Shoe shields you can put the sticker inside the shoe, place the clear shield sticker over it and peel off when you don't need them. The same with the clothing labels, it is basically 2 stickers stuck to each other with the tag in between like a sandwich. (can you tell its almost lunchtime here?)

When I knew I was going to get to review this product I got to choose a font, the text and an icon to be put on the label. I chose the standard font since I have a baby boy and the pirate ship icon. I only used his first name since it is fairly unusual.  However I could have used first and last name, or initals, etc.  I took several pictures of my usage of it. I have previously used the free+shipping Vistaprint labels for bottle labeling, and I even show Applied Labels as compared to the Vistaprint ones. I will say they peel off much easier when you want them to and they are capable of getting wet without messing up. The Vistaprint ones start peeling apart when they get wet. I have not come across a negative, except I would  not personally purchase the disposable date labels because they are disposable. I would want something reusable, or cheap. I am Loving the name label with icon. and the clothing label is working nicely too. It has not irritated my very sensitive skinned little boy either. He breaks out to anything other than 100% cotton.

These are the bottle tags- 2 different types; the printed name ones, and the blank ones for the date.

This shows my use of the clothing tags, the date tags, and the name stickers. It also came with shoe shields- clear stickers that you place over the name tag to protect it. These date stickers are used as the backers to the name sticker on a clothing tag to make it stick but allows it to come off easy. I used a gel pen to write the date on these date stickers hoping to reuse them, but that is a no-go. It is nice that they peel off easy, but they are not reusable. I am going to try to use some alcohol or nail polish remover to take off the ink to see if that helps.
This is what happened to my  gel ink pen writing- it just smeared.
I tried a regular ink pen- that DID not work, it did not show up on the labels at all! and then went to my trusty sharpie.

This is how the labels from vistaprint look after a couple days.
Now for the fun part!!! You can win $25 to use at Applied Labels!! Go check out their website, or facebook page. Tell me what you would use $25 to buy in the comments here! Winner will be drawn May 7th using

Be sure to check out Applied Labels and Thank them for sponsoring this Giveaway!!
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