Monday, April 18, 2011

Font Love

Have you ever been scrapbooking, or crafting, or filling out a memory book and wished you had a different font? I paid a lot of money once for a disk of different fonts to use for digital scrap-booking. I have been more frugal lately and learned to look for stuff online and find ideas from other bloggers and crafters.

I recently downloaded a really neat printable from a blog I came across, that I framed and have hanging in our hallway near the kids room. Its fun and bright and makes me smile. I posted a pic of it on the blog. Anyway it made me think- it was easy enough to do, but I bet I could make my own neat quote, pick a font and color scheme, and print out myself. So in doing font searches I found Dafont! :-) is a free website with Free downloadable fonts. SO cute. I downloaded about 12 with specific ideas in mind for how to use them.

What fonts are your favorite? What phrase would you print out to frame?


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