Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big News!

I have been asked to contribute to an online newspaper by sharing my various projects and information that people currently want to know about. It is refreshing to see people interested in being thrifty and crafty again. I  had to look up the meaning of crafty as I have had people ask me why I talk about couponing, savings, and deals on a blog about being crafty. This is what I found.


1. skillful in underhand or evil schemes; cunning; deceitful; sly.

2. skillful; ingenious; dexterous.

Well, lets hope no one believes that I am underhanded or deceitful LOL, but I think skillful and cunning may be good descriptions. I find that being crafty is not about making things, its finding ways to stretch and be creative with the resources we have available to us. I find ways to meet needs and wants by frugal means. I just happen to enjoy the creative process of it as well.

I hope to share different ideas to fill your life with things you love in a fun manner while saving money. I have found much more fulfillment this way and spending time with my family. The economy has taught me to slow down, and find different activities and Joy that I now fill my life with.

I started off by sharing my cake plate project, since I figured it was cheap, quick, and could appeal to quite a few people. Would love to hear your feedback and tips, and even what you think would be good topics to cover going forward.
Well I guess I am officially published:

Find my article here on The Lincoln Tribune! (


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