Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Silly Monkey Boy!

 I love my sweet monkey boy! and I think all little boys have to be little monkeys based on the ones I know. I am trying to think ahead for his birthday. LOL, I know, I know! He is only 4 months old, but you can never start planning to early.

So I obviously am loving the monkey theme. I think it is too ridiculously adorable. And I found these cute printable cupcake toppers!

But for now, I like him in monkey items! So what do you think about this that I found here

I also LOVE this idea for using Stamps! I used to be a demo for Stampin' Up! Products and have TONS of fun stamps! I like recycling and re-purposing items to make them more personal and fun! I could see a lot of different uses for this! Think this may be a project I could use my preschooler's help to do this week! I found the tutorial on how to do this here.

Do you have any patterns or tutorials for boys or monkey related that you love, have tried, or want to try?


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