Monday, November 28, 2011

{Some holiday decorating}

Well Holiday decorating is always the day after Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday. Its a tradition sort-a from my family. We always decorated the weekend of Thanksgiving except for one year that my brother was a baby and he and my mom were at the hospital for months until Christmas Eve. We decorated Christmas Eve that year. Otherwise its up for about a whole month- usually comes down the weekend or day after Christmas. So naturally- I have to share with you some Thanksgiving pictures too.

I had my talented friend Shannon from Mary Ellen's Closet make some shirts for us.

My husband did all his Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving night from the computer. He says he just might like Black Friday shopping after all :-)

Tree Decorating Begins!
The boy was already asleep but my daughter is used to doing it herself. She even broke out her Christmas tutu, even though it didn't match what she already had on. We went with our plastic Target decorations and a few family ones as I am not sure how glass ones will survive with the 1year old.
Putting the Star on top is her favorite part!
Then its on to her tree in her room. The star on top has already changed out to an angel she found in another box. These are usually small kid-friendly ornaments or ones she has made herself.

I loved watching the kids play with the nativity set. This is a Fisher Price one we bought.

I also try to have a few pictures taken by the tree. Its a bit harder with 2 kids going 2 directions right now. But it does show what stage in life we are currently in.

But I have to say these ones are my favorite. I have one similar to this every year and it just melts my heart- Truly the magic of Christmas! 

So this is part of what I got accomplished over the Holiday. How about you?


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