Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Birthday shirts}

 Ok so I finally finished my sons birthday shirt. I shared the first part of making it Here.

Well I took pictures of the front and back of the  Heat and Bond that I used.It was the Ultrahold. It was very simple to use and I will go into more pictures below this quick "1" as I decided to make another shirt while I was at it. You need to read the directions since it tells you which side to use first.

Applique in place and ready to iron on.
 Iron on, following the directions.

And Done

Well, it was so quick and easy, I decided to make another shirt. Following the same basic steps as above, just with more pictures lol. I will add commentary where needed, otherwise its pretty self explanatory via the pictures.

I used this clearance T-shirt from Walmart- $2.50. It had a pocket on it that I didn't want but it was so cheap and removing a pocket is as simple as using a seam ripper.
see here you go, no pocket. I also don't worry that it is short-sleeve since you just add a long sleeve shirt under it.

 So I didn't have this pattern on my cricut, and to save cutting it twice I fused the fabric to the heat and bond first.

 it was quick and looked like this once done.

 I laid out my pattern, turning the knot part to the side so it changes the pattern a bit to look more like a real tie knot.

I traced it out first, can you see the white chalk lines? Then cut it with my rotary cutter. Do you see how the knot part being a different direction in the cut makes it look better now cut out?

 peel the paper off the back
 line it up on the shirt and iron it on.

And ta-da! just had to stitch it down with a zig-zag stitch- but don't worry- that's not required.

And here are both shirts completed.

See just having an applique shirt is not as difficult as you once imagined!


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