Friday, November 11, 2011

{It's almost time....}

 Kindle Fire
(sorry but its called Fire, I just had to make it in red)

 EEEK, I am so excited. This is released next week, and I already have one waiting with My name on it! I already loved my Kindle reader, but this one is being compared to the ipad. Here are a few things it is said to do.

 Love the full color for reading to the kids. I am in massive de-clutter mode. Not having so many books on the shelf would be awesome, and it means when they want a certain book read to them I don't have to worry that it is lost, missing a page, or left at home and we are at the beach or in the car.

I like that I can have the apps on it to help keep me and the kids busy waiting somewhere. My 4 yo loves the Angry birds and ant smasher games. We also play some of the sight words and alphabet and number kids apps.

And in case the apps don't keep them entertained enough- it can also play TV shows and movies from Amazon's instant viewing, or using Netflix apps.

I also love that I can check my email and browse the internet on it using the touch screen!

You can find the technical details of it on the site.

Anyone else counting down the days til the release of the Kindle Fire? What are you most excited about?


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