Monday, November 7, 2011

{Pinterest challenge project}

My Challenge project is the Laundry curtain cover

So I wanted to do this for the space above my utility sink. It contains a hanging bar for clothes that cannot go in the dryer so they can drip dry over the sink. It just doesn't look very pretty.

 So it was a pretty simple process. I just measured the space across and how far down I wanted it to hang. Grabbed up a tension rod from Walmart for $2.67 and hemmed 3 sides. The top, I folded over 3/4 of an inch and sewed it to create the pocket for the rod. 
 Then it was done. I used fabric I already had on hand and that would fit the space and add some color and personality. I put the fabric on the rod and put it up. Nice and easy.  This is a shot from the back door. There are 2 sets of cabinets like the one you see. Next plan is probably to paint it and clean off the area above the cabinets.

I like how it turned out, really cute, and you can't beat projects that make things look nice for under $5.


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