Thursday, November 17, 2011

{Absolutely Cute} Kids Clothing Store

Now if you have been here before, it was probably at their uptown Charlotte locations. Candace's lovely store is now located in the Cornelius area of Charlotte Metro. Address is now: 

19905 Catawba Ave. Suite 106, Cornelius, NC 28031
Candace sells some of the most adorable outfits. Like the outfits below. They are cute, colorful and playful. These are soft fabrics and very durable. My daughter loves her clothes and picks them out to wear a lot. We are a busy outdoorsy family with a mini farm. S is our little Farm Princess- she loves to dress up, but will be out there with the animals, and these outfits last, they clean up well and are still gorgeous.

 If you notice the picture above is from Fall 09. S modeled this outfit for them at a fashion show. I was surprised she did so well at 2.5 years old. You will also notice the picture below is the same outfit, she just didn't use the pants since it was summer time- she used it as a dress at my sister's baby shower in 2010! yes over a year later and it still is standing up well. She still can wear this outfit. Which makes the price tag even better since it lasts So long. and Yes we will still be wearing this outfit a while longer.
 They are some of the sweetest age-appropriate clothes. I highly recommend you check out the store.

They do regular fashion shows to highlight the new designs out. This is a great, fun, no-pressure way to introduce your child to being confident. You can see my daughter above just getting to have fun. She was not all made up, we got a super discount on the outfit she wore, and she got to be herself. You can see me standing behind her off to the side ready to be there and walk with her if I needed to, they encourage that too, but she did just fine.

If this is something you might be interested in trying your child in one of the Fashion Shows, here are the details:
Peek-A-Boo Couture Fashion Show coming up on Dec. 4th is our Winter Wonderland Fashion Show and we are still accepting kids and teens to participate!

To sign up for our Fashion Show...simply visit our on-line
registration site:
And be sure to check out the store. You will not be disappointed.


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