Monday, October 3, 2011

{Fall Front Door and Porch}

Well, I had made this wreath and had it on my front door, 
  but once I got the rest of my fall decor out, I knew I had  to move it. See my previous post about what I did with it.
So then I went back to my plain ole fall leaves wreath that I love and have been using for years. I just added the Indian corn to the bottom of the wreath. It had wire at the top of it to attach to things so I just wrapped it around the bottom part of the wreath for some added color.
And a shot where I backed away a little bit to show you how it looks. I still love it, basic but nice.
This is a shot of it from outside. It is hard to get a picture of it without catching the glare from the glass door.
I then took a little time to add a stacked fabric pumpkin into one of my urns. The backside of that stacked pumpkin has jack-o-lantern faces, and says Happy Halloween, so I can turn it around in a couple weeks to double as my Halloween Decor. The other urn has 2 scarecrows. (ignore the spray paint and ole fireworks box that you see. We have lots of projects going on right now.
The fabric pumpkin kept falling over
So I had to lean it a little more and then found there was a dowel rod in the middle that I could use to adjust it and that worked much better. So here is my Fall front porch. We are going to ignore what it looks like on each side of that front door. We have a full Southern front porch, but its a mess right now.
See this is my great grand-mother's old dry sink. I need to clean it up, we have been using it as a planting table for our flowers and stuff on the front deck, but spiders have kinda taken it over. Well I guess we are at least ready for Halloween decor here lol.

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