Monday, October 24, 2011

Haven Conference~

I just got an update on Haven Conference, which will take place in June 2012

They announced some of their speakers:

Key Note Speakers- John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love.  I Love their blog. Read it daily, great DIY tips.

Ana White- from My go-to place to find building plans. They are so easy to use and follow. I never built anything before finding her site, and built a table!!

Mr Goodwill Hunting- I am new to hearing about him, and apparently he decorates with only Goodwill and thrift finds.

Again- I would love to attend this conference, where they will have classes on DIY projects, power tools, photography tips, and more. So if you are interested in helping me reach this conference and learning new tips, I am looking for Sponsors of all Levels! Any level, every bit helps right. I will take it by paypal, and list all sponsors and work out ways for advertisement for your sponsorship!

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