Monday, October 24, 2011

{Photo Gallery Wall Update}

There is not a lot going on right now to talk about, and this is really a quick post, just has a LOT of pictures in it. I needed to update my photo wall to include pictures of my son lol. So I had taken a few pics in the yard late summer and they just turned out so adorable. So here is a quick recap of my update.

Chose my pictures and printed them out on my printer. Frames, paper, and double sided tape, trimmed the pics on the trimmer.
measured my cardstock against the insert from the frame to cut it down.
then cut it with the trimmer
layered the pic onto the cardstock
added the double sided tape
Tada! aren't they so cute!
Here they are added to the wall. The older pictures on either side of the kids pics are baby pictures of my husband and me. I love comparing how we looked and our kids now. 

I based my Gallery Wall on this treasure my Aunt gave me. I Love it, and my plan originally was, and still is, once I get it all pulled together and hang it, was to hang the pictures close to this quote in various frames and sizes, etc to reflect more of a quilt look. The pictures on the wall are pictures of family members, extended family, some have come down from the wall, needing updates.

What do you think? I told you it really was a quick project.


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