Thursday, October 6, 2011

{Front Entryway}

See I told you I had a busy weekend of projects to share with you. In my mad fall decorating streak, I had to capture and update the front entryway of the house, even though no-one, and I mean, NO ONE, Ever comes through that door, unless they are delivery people or don't know us well yet. It probably has something to do with not having a front walkway.

I did not take a before picture, so sorry! You can see my fall wreath on the front door through the mirror. Many items in the picture are sentimental and antique items passed on from my grandmother (Mimi).

The large mirror that is hanging is one of them- part of me would love to paint it and update it in a white probably, but its one of those items my mother would kill me for changing. The white lamp is a "Pink Lady" statue that my grandfather wired and had made into a lamp. I remember it from growing up- it was always in their house and makes me think of them. I happened upon a "Pink Lady" and "Blue Boy" smaller statue at a yard sale almost 10 years ago that I used to have on this table as well. But we are changing things up now.

Now that framed item leaning up against the wall is a barometer. My grandmother made the needlepoint rooster weather vane. I am not sure that it still works as when we moved into this home, it cracked the barometer part and it typically seems to fluctuate near change. Granted, it is not on an outside wall like it is supposed to be. Maybe that would help.

Here are a couple closer shots of the barometer just so you can see it better.  Sorry about my shadow in the way. This was as good as it gets.

I added a burlap bag that I purchased at Tractor Supply for $2.99 for some texture and contrast. Used a wooden frame holder I already had to hold a cheap Dollar store frame with a Fall printable on it. The vine pumpkin I have had for years and years. It was $3 at the time I bought it from Carolina Pottery. I had also grabbed up this amber colored vase at TJ Maxx and it has held these roses for quite some time. These roses are sentimental as well. I don't keep every rose or set I have ever gotten, but some of them I do, besides it makes for nice Free Decor afterwards.

{Update: I have since rearranged a little more. I moved this whole table under my gallery wall of pictures. Hung the barometer up on an outside wall- actually above the bookcase with the fall topiary. And had found a few more pieces to change around. I had to move the table, and soon the mirror too, so that I can move my china hutch out of the former Dining Room so it can fully be the kids playroom. So Had to make room for it. will update with pictures later}


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