Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Farm Days Picking Adventure}

As a farm wife, and mom, I have come to appreciate things differently. For my birthday there are things I have come to love looking forward to.  One is Olive Garden's Endless Pasta, which ended BEFORE my birthday this year and totally bummed me out, the other is fall festivals! So my husband and kids are happy to oblige. I took a few pictures at some of the different festivals we visited in September and so far in October!

~Denver Days~

My daughter loves riding rides, and W just kicked back with his bottles to watch the lights and people!

~Stanley Octoberfest~

This one is great for craft ideas like these cute glittery letters, and using my window panes to put old photographs like farm scenes and such behind them.

My kids always look forward to petting and feeding the animals. We have plenty of hand sanitizer, don't worry!

Then one we love to go to is Killian Farm Days.
My kids love it- the tractor pull, old tyme steam engine run saw mill, parades of power, and my favorite-picking through the junk. We have found great things every year.
We decided to put the kids in a wagon and pull them around. I thought it just was a cute image.

 Don't know why my hubby has that look on his face, but he doesn't really like pictures taken. We were tickled to find a treat that our son could have. Snow cone and syrup was safe for him to eat. Didn't even have corn syrup in it YAY. So I had to take a picture of him eating his snow cone.

Here this is the same picture with different elements, and I couldn't decide which I liked better. We came back the next day and it was a bit colder so kids were all bundled up in their coats and blankets in the wagon.
 And by the end of a couple hours, W was tuckered out. Thank goodness I brought my baby carrier. It was such a lifesaver when he got sleepy.

 Ok Now for the really fun part! Picking! I love all the old stuff they have out for sale flea market style at these events. I have other things we purchased that I did not grab pictures of. Hubby found some awesome old bottle openers.

These next few picture are sourced on the internet doing various searches to show you what we got. I just did a google image search.


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