Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath Project

I have seen these wreaths all over the place on Pinterest. So I guess this is also part of a Pinterest Challenge lol, but It was only inspired by one there. I did mine without looking at any tutorial, just using what I had on hand and figuring it out. So for me this project was totally FREE!

I went through my supplies and first off found this straw wreath form. It was thicker than the metal forms many people are using, but you don't argue with Free, ya know.

 This is a quick pic I took to show you my basic supplies, minus a few other fabric swatches I used later, but you will see those in a bit. Just scissors, and my striped outdoor fabric. I have a HUGE roll of this fabric I grabbed up at Hancock Fabric a couple years ago when outdoor fabric was 50% off. I have covered patio cushions and such with it and used leftover scrap on this so I didn't even cut off of my roll.
 You see here the length I used to tie around. I did make it a bit thinner so it would go further.

 just a closer shot so you can see how I tied it around, just a basic knot.
 and a closer look at the length of my fabric. I just really eye-balled it. Wanted it to have just a bit of fabric hanging over once it was knotted.
 I frayed the ends. All the ends, I just like the look of frayed fabric on wreaths like this. Something about Fall!
 more fraying- sorry my daughter liked helping and told me I needed to take another pic
 And this is where I usually felt it was frayed enough for me. Your choice if you do it.
 I had some plain burlap looking fabric that I had used on my window pane project, and used some scrap from that, and then ran across this brown on beige flowery patterned fabric that I thought would look good on it too. So Here is a quick hang on the door to see how it looks. You can see some of the straw wreath peeking through, so I think it works since it is fallish as well, you couldn't really do that with the metal wreath forms.

 This one just looks better because I adjusted the color on it and got a little closer

And just one more shot of the final project:
I like it, think it works well at our house and was super easy and quick to do!

Did any of you do any wreaths for Fall or Halloween? Care to share any pictures?


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