Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{Fall Topiary Decor}

So as you can probably tell by now I was on a Mad Decorating and Crafting kick this weekend! And I have a craft night with some great girls tonight, and am taking my mini me along. I can't wait to tell you about what I learned and show you what we created! Anyway back to the quick project. Although it won't look real quick after my pictures and step by step directions. This took me 5 minutes, except for the 10 minutes I spent walking around the house for the best light to take the picture lol.
This only took 2 supplies; the topiary I already had from 10 years ago used in my first home- the townhouse. and a 5.99 garland of fall leaves from Carolina Pottery before it closed several years ago here in the Charlotte area. No glue, tape, or staples.

This is what the topiary looked like before. Some leaves had fallen off, and probably could use being glued back on, but we will save that for later. Like the spring......

I just started by catching one end of the garland where it splits off like a branch and wrapped it around the base and then straight up the center rod and wrapped it around from the bottom of the topiary ball to the top and back down. I just tucked the other end of the garland into the top of the ball. It has stuck together well. It also is thankfully out of the way of the kids groping hands. Several of my green leaves fell off while wrapping it and I just stuck them at the bottom.

I think it turned out cute. gave that little ole topiary a little extra life. I like the green still popping through.

I placed it on top of the bookshelf that holds the kids movies and games, beside an updated picture I framed of the kids. I think it looked fallish with the old chair we used in it. I love the kids peeking through.

This is about as quick, easy and cheap of a Fall Decor as I think one could come up with....It spawned me to rearrange furniture, to which I got a firm scolding from hubby because first he thought I shouldn't do since I am pregnant, but I just pushed it, didn't life anything- then another scolding as to how I probably scratched up the hardwoods..... :-)

What are you working on as Fall Decor? Any simple projects?

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