Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{Updated Fall Decor}

We moved things around, as I mentioned in a previous post. Which then meant shifting things on some of the tables and surfaces. But I am happy with these few items. I am still shifting things around in other areas of the house. Trying to get things Just Right, though I am pretty sure that will change depending on the ages and stages of my kids. So I guess we are flexible.

This table was in our entryway by the front door. It had a mirror hanging over it. 

It did look like this, remember now?


But I like this way better. I still kept the pumpkin, frame, and vase with flowers. and the burlap, loving the burlap. I have another burlap bag I think I am going to make into a table runner. I also am going to work on our gallery wall. I have updated some of the pictures finally.

The pink lady lamp got moved from that table to the top of the desk.

I added some leaf dishes in fall colors that I found in some drawers, and of course added some candy corn in the deeper ones. I also updated this frame with a picture of the kiddos. I like how inviting it looks now. It brings a little more attention to the Gallery wall, which is also in process of updating. But that's another post.

The rooster barometer got hung up on an outside wall of our house.Which makes it work properly- it should always be on an outside wall. And it ties in the colors in this corner of the living room as well. I like looking around my living room. It is so cozy now. 

So what do you think of the updates?


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