Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{Quote Printable}

Ok, so I made this in Publisher, but you can do it in any program that allows you to create text boxes.

I saw this Bible verse quoted on a friends Facebook page this week, and started singing the Hymn that goes along with it. I decided I needed to create a printable for it. To remind me of these promises.

{Feel Free to download this for yourself- personal use only}

It still makes my heart sing. I have sang this song and known this verse since I was a little girl.

Ok the basics on how to make it:

~ Create 10 text boxes
~ break the words up in the text boxes. I decided this based on which words I wanted to highlight.
~ I chose a font size and then adjusted the box to fit the phrase tightly. This allowed me to move the box around for placement.
~ Choose your fonts. I decided all the main phrases would be one font and color. The Highlighted words I wanted to pop, so a pretty but legible font and of course larger font size.
~ Choose your colors. I played with different ones til I got them just right.
~ I bolded the Bible reference and left it slightly smaller.
~ I moved the text boxes around to where I liked the layout. Using the text boxes is the biggest help. It makes any subway art possible as well. 
~ Choose a background. I didn't have many options here but went with a textured background that didn't take away from the actual words.

That's it! 

I hope you will give it a try. I loved all the printables I was seeing out on Pinterest and other blogs. I didn't realize how easy it was to create my own and change colors to match my decor better. It's one of those things the more you try and practice doing it, the better you will become.

Have a Great day!

Oh and if you want this printable, just right click and download or save it. It's all yours! Enjoy!

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