Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{Woohoo its the work week} :-)

Well it has been quite an odd week last week. I had several posts in the works, several projects I planned to work on, pictures being edited.......and I got sick. Not just sick, like really sick, as sick as a 9 months pregnant woman NEVER wants to be. Sick enough it scared my poor husband and kids. 

I was working like normal and I don't have issues being pregnant and working. I am mainly at a desk, but get up and about in the warehouse and production area and can jump in and help out to get moving and stay busy. This is my second pregnancy at this company and they are super supportive and a fun group to work with. I have never gone into labor, thank goodness, but did have my water break on its own with my daughter. So imagine my surprise when I started having contractions at lunchtime on Tuesday last week. Really other than being on pitocin and having some killer ones in the hospital with my first delivery, I have never felt contractions and wondered if I would know.......well trust me- YOU KNOW! It started feeling just like braxton hicks, tightening but not painful. Then every 5 minutes it got a little worse. After 10 of these painful ones I decided I should call the doctor and sure enough he said get to the hospital. I was 34 weeks and knew it was still early but didn't really feel like I was having this baby today. 

Work sends me out the door. I call the hubs who had to carpool because his car is in the shop and he had to beg a ride to the hospital. No taxis around here people. 

I talk to my sister while driving to the hospital to have someone to chatter with to keep my mind off things and get to the hospital where they are waiting for me. I get checked into triage and hooked up to monitors. Contractions continue to get worse. I end up throwing up from the pain. Hubby comes in right after that- nice one to miss too lol. They determine I am severely dehydrated- which surprises me because our company provides us free bottled water and I take advantage of that, and even add flavor packs to it to change things up. After drawing blood, urine test, and cervix check- I am Not dilated at all, baby is not coming, just gotta stop those pesky contractions. IV fluids it is. Thankfully that did stop them. I got to rest. All they can figure is that I have a virus that has not kicked into full gear yet. I found that hard to imagine since I felt fine other than the contractions. So I am a bit whiny. My IV line bothers me where it goes in. I toss and turn getting comfy, baby keeps moving so monitor keeps having to get moved lol. Hubby gives me a hard time for whining. So about an hour later after dozing and getting fluids we notice my forearm all swollen up. The IV has infiltrated my arm and the fluid is building up there LOL. I looked like popeye.

See I told ya lol. I got home after a grocery stop for gatorade and orders to stay hydrated and rest. Wake up the next morning and feel miserable; hot then cold, chills, fever, achy worn out body. So yep definitely a virus. By dinner I was feeling better and had some soup and peanut butter crackers, and went to work the next day. Not feeling 100% but definitely 90% and just slow. I took a nap when I got home and went to bed early to get plenty of rest, but whadayaknow....woke up freezing cold shivering, teeth-chattering, can't move because my limbs are cramped up from the cold. Oh and did I tell ya I have an electric blanket on the bed that I ended up turning all the way up because it didn't feel like it was working! woke up the hubs to see if it was just me or did the heat go out. Just me. and he is now a little freaked with how hard my body is shaking. He tries holding me to warm me up- cause he is a furnace- but that doesn't help. Get some tylenol in me and check fever- yep 100.5, and the tylenol helped warm me up and calm down. So another day in bed for me with what feels like a different virus than the first. Yuck! 

At least it was short lived and by Friday evening I was sitting in the living room watching my kids play and eating pizza. Yep. weird I know.

So I hope you had a better week than me, and forgive me for the lapse of Freebie Friday post last week. I have a couple posts I worked on last night, so we have a few good ones coming up this week!
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