Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{Busy Busy BUSY}

Do you feel that way right now? I know I do. I am 33 weeks pregnant, still re-organizing after Christmas finding places for new gifts, cleaning out old or broken or unused toys, and definitely nesting. Plus our entire extended family is recovering from the stomach virus we all had over Christmas/New Years.

I feel like I am playing catch-up. I have the kids playroom organized and set-up but now need to paint it and change the light fixture or update it at least. Make it more kid-friendly or neutral instead of dining room. I got the dining room hutch moved out of it which opened up a TON of floor space. Hoping to share pictures with you soon.

I decided not to do Resolutions. I want to make project plans!! or a To-Do List! So here are my plans. 

Coming up this year:

I have plans for the kids bathroom- gotta make room for the 3rd child and keep everything clean and organized. Definitely saw how helpful it was to know where things are when all of us were sick in an 18 hour period.

Clean-up Organize the laundry room- get rid of what we don't use, don't need, is in the wrong spot.

Clean-up and decorate the front porch. It's kinda messy. This will include fixing the bannister that was broken by strong winds knocking the porch swing into it, and building a gate blocking the steps so the kids can play and enjoy the porch more. We use the front porch a TON during spring/summer/and fall.

Clean-up the backyard. Fix the gates to the fence so I can not worry about the kids playing outside while I am nursing the baby. get rid of useless outdoor toys. Block off the steps from the 1yo going up/down them.

Build headboard for master bedroom. We used to have a gorgeous Queen Bedroom set. Sold that when we had to upgrade to a King bed. We couldn't afford the mattresses and fancy new bed, so we have a frame it sits on, and now to decorate, but I have plans for how I want it.

Set up kids craft area upstairs in or near my craft room. I don't mind it being in my room, but I can't concentrate on my projects if they are in there with me.

Set up Bonus room again. This got taken over when we had kids but now the playroom has moved downstairs so we are going to set up the exercise equipment and TV again to become a more functional space.

I think that will do it for now. Lots to do- and that doesn't even include getting ready for the new baby. Less than 2 months now.

What do you have going on?


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