Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quick kids project

Lil man is just too little to try this with yet, but Spencer and her friend H-man did great.

All I did was get those cheap wood Christmas decorations from Michaels. These are not the ornaments ones though they look like ones, they just don't have the hole in them. I add that with my dremmel tool.

I put paint in separate areas of egg carton. and let her have at it.
She has progressed so good in her design of them.

She gets really into it now. Love the designs she does. Her plastic cup that she rinses her brushes off in.
She even added glitter to them. She did so good. I am so proud and I love hanging these on my tree every year. 
Her and her buddy H-man have so much fun doing crafts. I have some to give his mommy too.
Now being Angels. They did so good.
H-man showing off his projects.

My sweet girl showing off her work too!

Well this was just a quick post about a quick project. I started this when my daughter was almost 2. We started with markers and these ornaments. I just put newspaper on the floor and let her go at it. So interesting to see how she has grown. We also use these for her to give as gifts to friends, grandparents, aunts/uncles. I like teaching her to give and to give homemade things. These are definite treasures.


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