Monday, April 30, 2012

{Great Outdoor Updates}

It has been so nice out that I cannot help but spend my time working out there. So I had some good feedback on my Front Porch Updates so I wanted to share with you what my garden beds look like. Now I took these pictures from the front porch looking down.You will notice that there is a significant difference in how much light each side gets. 

My Begonias and yellow daylily in their new home. on the right side of my porch- towards the animals.

One of my ferns on the animal side- most daylight.

 The left side of the porch holds another fern and a hanging basket

 Close-up of the hanging basket has more Begonias and pink pansies

 This is at 10 in the morning and you can see there is already a good bit of shade towards the back where the ivy is growing. Does anything else grow in this much shade? I am going to try to get a few bushes or something to bring in some color and height back here. Everything we have only really is out during the spring/summer. I need some things to carry us into fall and winter.

 Up from there in the front of the porch on the left side of the steps are mostly hostas and a few other flowering plants. This section gets a bit more sunlight but not much after noon.

 Another shot of that front left side. The planter holds some strawberries. And there is a small bush behind it.

 Standing at the steps looking to the left this is what you see.

Now from the steps looking on the front right side is again mostly hostas, some flowers, a grapevine that sprung up on its own. We will be putting some lattice to close off under the steps.

 Looking further to the right of the steps. It doesn't look too bad. It will look better once it starts flowering but again. Need something for fall/winter. This side gets almost full sun all day. The sun rises on this side and goes diagonally over the house from here.

 Directly to the right here is some periwinkle which is doing very well. The window here is to our bedroom. I would love to open our windows some nights but hubby is afraid someone will climb in. So I am thinking of some prickly shrubbery. Any ideas?

 Directly beside the porch is our blueberry bush and some flowering plants.

 Then back in front of that

And finally the front right side again.

So, did I lose you on that nice little tour. I know I should snap a pic facing the house so you can see how it is laid out in one piece. I will try to get that up and posted too. I would love your ideas and feedback on plants in this area.

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