Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{Front Porch changes}

The weather has been so nice that we can't help but spend our time outside. We knew when building our home that we wanted a large front porch- a true southern front porch. I love sitting in the rocking chair or swing and enjoying a cup of coffee or glass of wine at night. I love watching my kids play in the yard and even seeing the animals grazing. It is a nice way to live. We did want to do a few updates and it is always a work in progress. I don't have any before pictures, but here are some pictures I took as I was working on it. I have a few changes going on since then, but will update along the way.

I am not very good with plants, so would love some feedback on flowers and plants you would add around here- both on the porch and in the beds around it. Some plans I would like to see done in the next few years:

  • put in a walkway to the front door
  • install a gate to keep kids from falling down steps
  • maybe screen in at least part of the porch
  • add a small table for some meals and to complete a sitting area
what would you add? or change?

our house is beige siding, we have red stained wood flooring, so the pops of green fabric and plants help bring in other color. The barn birdhouse is a craft my daughter made in Bible School. The tree is a fake- heading to my in-laws soon.
A few annuals I bought for the hanging baskets.
I made the birdhouse in college in one of my elective classes. It is the only thing decent that survived out of it lol. The black ice bucket used to be a match to that copper tray above. It was only a copper overlay and I could not keep it scrubbed clean- note to self: you don't like high-maintenance decor- copper or silver items are not good for you- too much work. So I spray painted it black- I know- GASP. but it works SO much better for us.
This little wicker table was something that MIL bought when she decorated a spare room of ours before we had the kids.So it got moved outside. Those colorful little tins hold tea lights. I grabbed them at World Market for the kids Easter basket.
The other side of the porch, and view of the animals. This view mostly shows you my mismatched cushions for the swing, and the hens and sheep grazing.

 These 2 little chairs came out of hubby's great- grandparents home. The cushions- cheapo's from Walmart. Plant stand has been here for years, the small table from my first home before we were married. Plants were clearance from Walmart- won't survive long this year but are bulbs and can be planted for future. Little green tub $4 from Walmart- used for trash out here.
This is a dry sink. It was my grandmothers. I even have a picture of it in her home before my dad was born. Note- try to upload picture to share on here. It will be undergoing a remodel soon- thinking of adding some light blue where the yellow is and then white all over, and then sanding it down to make it more shabby. What do you think? Oh and note that little  square planter on the bottom shelf- it will under go a change soon, my daughter is getting crafty and wants to spray paint something. ;-) Other flowers from Lowes and Walmart for hanging baskets, and the chair came in a set of 2 for $62 from Target couple years ago. I have not figured out a place for it yet.

Ok so I started with these cushions- really it is one cushion that was $16 from Walmart that I cut at the fold to make 2 cushions. I need to sew the back of them shut, but wanted to see how it looked first. Eh- its ok, not what I wanted. Probably can use it for filler for something else though. Found a better deal at Aldi's.

Either way, it is nice and comfortable enough to sit on and enjoy watching my kids play outside.  What do you think? Would love to hear tips and ideas you may have. What would you do different? Plants you love? I have more pictures coming soon of the flower beds around the porch. And yes, my daughter is still in her jammies playing outside.

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