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{Placenta Encapsulation}-my experience

I wrote before I delivered #3 that I planned to utilize placenta encapsulation based on my PPD experience with #2. It took some convincing with my hubby. I also had to talk to both sets of parents because after all I was going to have a c/s and the grandparents would be taking care of our kids at our home. The encapsulation process is done in your home and needs to start within 48 hours of delivery if possible- and I would still be in the hospital, so they needed to be prepared for what would be happening, and one of them would have to take it home for us. LOL that was quite a conversation, let me tell you. 

Go ahead and warn you - there are pictures of my products in this post, including my tincture so beware if you are squeamish. 

Ok so a little bit about my experience this time around. I was scheduled for a c/s at 39 weeks. I had easy pregnancies with my other 2, but this one was different all around. I got a virus at christmas that put me into heavy contractions that slowed down after I could keep fluids down. Then in January I got another virus that dehydrated me first putting me into heavy contractions and sending me to get fluids at the hospital. At 37 weeks hubby and I were trying to finish preparations around the house and do some more freezer cooking and I went into heavy contractions again while walking through the store. We went home to rest so they would go away, but they did not (after drinking lots of water, lying on my side and doing slow breathing). So we called the dr.

Dr had us come on in. Now I have never been into labor on my own before. #1 water broke but labor never started, #2 scheduled c/s and #3 has a mind of her own- I knew we were having a baby that day, but hubby thought we were going to get fluids and go home. He packed up the stuff we needed in the car anyway while we waited for my mom to arrive to watch the kids. I was in so much pain I could not sit or lay down comfortably. I had to stop several times going to the car. I am so relieved not to have had to go through that previously lol. I got sick in the car twice on our way there, but all was well and we got to the hospital and hooked up. My least favorite Dr was there, not the one that performed my other 2 c/s or that we had discussed encapsulation with but it was in our chart and we had our forms and approvals.

After getting there and while waiting for the Dr to come in, I suddenly spiked a fever and baby's heartrate increased into the 180s. Things moved very fast from there and after discussing and reminding everyone to save the placenta for us to take home- barring any issues or concerns, we were rushed into our c/s. Both of us were fine, but because I had a temperature, so did baby girl -101, so she was whisked off to be checked by NICU staff and hubby. We were both started on high doses of antibiotics as they assumed an infection due to the fever and heartrate but took cultures to check us both. I got my tubes tied and closed up while hubby went with baby girl.

I tell you all this because this complicated our placenta process a bit- possible infections could prevent you from ingesting or getting full benefit of your placenta. We had to check pathology, and wait to see if they would really release it. It was placed into sterile environment and biohazard bag and sealed up. We had to sign a release, and they told us it was fine for us to take. I called/emailed Jereka to let her know we delivered early and the situation. We both were not sure what we were dealing with. I didn't feel sick otherwise and we both set out to find out if this could move forward. I was still feeling confident about it. After talking with the Director of the Birthplace about possible concerns, and Jereka talking with other certified people about our roadblock, we both decided we felt safe moving forward. After all, if there was really a concern- the hospital would not have released the placenta to us.

My MIL brought it home in a cooler bag double wrapped in plastic bags. When I was released from the hospital days later, It was already in the dehydrator working. I met Jereka the next morning when she came in to finish up the pills. She told us that the placenta looked and smelled healthy as any other she has worked with before. We found if there was a problem I would get symptoms similar to food poisoning, so stop taking them if that happened- no issues btw. Below is a picture of all the items I got from Jereka along with paperwork and follow up emails and support about how to use them and prepare items.

Her card, a jar full of dehydrated placenta pills, my babies dehydrated cord shaped into a ring, and a tincture of a piece of placenta in vodka (my hubby picked up Everclear- he told the clerk he needed something that would pickle well -LOL)  Jereka said to use half the recommended amount because of this.

My pills. These I took were just like any other pill. Down with water- no problem or odd smell or taste that I noticed. They definitely work, and very quickly. I was much more at peace with 3 kids than I was with 2. My daughter is 2.5 months old now, and I did not have any PPD or down moments. When I stopped taking them daily and started to feel overwhelmed or emotional, I would take my pills. They worked immediately.
My skeptical hubby definitely noticed a difference in me this time around vs last time- he started bringing me my pills LOL. He even would show off my kit when people would come over.
I love the dehydrated cord- seeing the coloring the veins left. I find it sweet. I have seen some she did shaped into a heart- very sweet.

This was my tincture. It has to sit and steep basically for over 6 weeks. Then you filter it and put it in a new jar. Some can be put into a dropper bottle and store in a cool dark place. I have completed my tincture and it helps on my off days now.
Here is a close up shot of my pills. You can't see anything off- its just knowing what they are. I am very glad I did this. It was the best money I have spent. $150 was the special I grabbed up when she offered it one time. It was well worth my sanity this time around. I will definitely recommend it to anyone on the fence about this. I struggled with breastfeeding my other 2 because of my milk production. I have not had a problem this time. It is the first time I have been able to nurse exclusively. I have more energy and even after having 3 c/s surgeries- I have healed quicker and still been able to keep up with my other 2 children.

 I have lost weight quicker. I was 140, size 8 before I got pregnant and am already 130 and size 4 now. I can't say that will happen for everyone, but it is definitely a benefit/bonus. It may be because I have more energy to play with my other kids and all the nursing the baby is doing, but I was not able to do that before.

My hubby's opinion of this? 

If anyone else's wife has had PPD before you know how difficult that time is. Medicine doesn't always help and can add more issues. It's worth a try. Its your wife that will be the one taking it, why stop her from doing it. The process was very clean, it didn't bother me. I didn't see or smell anything gross. As far as did it work,  I would say Absolutely. She did not have the mood swings, wasn't near as *witchy, and has handled the switch from 2 to 3 better than I have and definitely better than from 1 to 2. 

If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to add them here or message me privately at This is a personal choice. Any comments made that are rude will be deleted. We prayed about this and thought about it for a long time. It is something that worked for me and I am extremely grateful for the job Jereka did. She was very professional and it was a smooth process. I am grateful for how quickly she checked into our questions and infection possibilities. This could have prevented me the option of using this but her research and follow up with it made it possible.  I am so glad to have had this option.

If you are in the Charlotte Metro area- be sure to check out Jereka at Wombmart
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