Monday, April 2, 2012

{Guest Post} Lisa at The Party Works

Birthday Party Craft Ideas

We like to get crafty in our household.  I grew up that way and now my two kids are following in the DIY tradition.  Since birthday party crafting isn’t really all that common these days, we’ve tried setting up crafting activities for the kids at a couple of birthday and slumber parties over the years and they’ve all been a huge success.  The kids are super into it and stay really focused on their projects, which is absolutely darling to watch.  Here are a few of the craft projects we’ve tried with the girls and their friends:

1.     T-shirt or apron painting party.  This one is especially good for birthday parties because the kids can take home their projects as mementos of the special occasion and as their party favors.  You can either give them totally blank t-shirts or ones with simple iron-on transfers that they can then paint uniquely.  The apron painting is fun too, and the kids can also sew on felt or patterned cutouts. 
2.     My oldest is a spring baby, so one year we did a planter decorating party and I showed the kids how to plant a small ivy shoot in their pots when they dried and they took them home.  This one is especially inexpensive.  Small, plain terra-cotta pots run about $1 and you can take ivy clipping from one plant and get a bag of potting soil.  We already had a ton of paints and brushes, but even a new set won’t run you much and the whole project for 10 kids will be under $50.
3.     For the younger kids that aren’t quite ready to get into painting clothes and planters, we did Popsicle picture frames.  We took a photo of each kid at the party and printed them out on our photo printer, then glued them into a Popsicle frame that they decorated with paints and glitter to take home.  We fashioned magnets on the back of each frame so they were ready to grace their refrigerators at home. 

Well, there you have it!  A few ideas to get you started on crafting party ideas.  Hopefully exposing your kids to these kinds of fun activities will instill in them a lifetime of crafting.  

Lisa is a guest writer who focuses on the topics of kids’ birthday party activities like crafting and scavenger hunts and where to find Mario party supplies online for themed parties. 

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