Thursday, April 5, 2012

{Guest Post} A Little Standout tray for my coffee table

 A little standout tray for my coffee table

Guest post written by Cindy Hallman

When you have such a tiny living room like we do, you like to give the opinion that you can fit a whole lot more stuff in it than you actually can. I try really hard to do that and when we host dinner parties and things like that we have to get creative with our seating and things like that. I'm looking for some furniture that will be a little more versatile and doing a lot of comparison shopping for it.

I'm taking my time with my online shopping because this isn't a shirt, this is furniture! So I want to make sure that it's perfect for us. When I was looking through some contracting services, I saw stuff about roofing replacement and we've been putting that off for a while, so I'm going to use them to get our new roof done. Believe me, our home really needs it.
I found this wonderful little red lacquer tray that I think I'm going to use along with an ottoman that I found. The two of them can function as a side table when it's just us and we can use the ottoman for seating when guests are there. I love how attention getting the tray is!

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