Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Antique Shops}

It took me a long time to figure out my home style. When I was single and living in my townhome, my style was sleek and feminine and somewhat cottage-y. When I got married we had to compromise some style, and then when we built our house on family land we planned it based on what we liked at the time with our townhouse. If I had stopped and taken our time to think about how we would have lived here long-term it would have probably saved us money and changes now. We didn't have any kids so couldn't imagine life would be so different with them. 

First off, our kitchen countertops would not be the dark colored granite. Wood cutting board maybe, sleek stainless steel maybe, or white Corian like the Petersiks (Young House Love).  Anyway,  my point is that our style really is more of a Farmhouse chic. Hubby and I love old and vintage items, especially farm ones. He is a sucker for old bottles, any shape, size and color. He has also found old 8mm player. I have some old hats, vintage postage scale, flour mill cabinet. So our taste has changed and suits us more. 

I went to this sweet little antique shop in downtown Lincolnton- Treasures on Main and found some things I LOVE, and some ideas I want to copy. I am always looking for new places to find vintage and antique items- cheap. What are the places you like to check out?

This sweet little metal urn.

 Love this vintage metal cake stand. So adorable!

 Close- up of another cake stand

Vintage Alarm clock
 Love this Kate McCall mason jar wrapped in chicken wire with a handle.

 These card catalog drawers were $16 ea. I like them but don't know what we would use them for.

 These 2 jars I am really hoping are still there when I go back. Especially the little ink jar!

 This one cracks me up. There were actually several of them, in various sizes and some cooking pots. These are vintage enamelware in either black, or red trim. This one hubby and I were cracking up at because it reminds us of the phrase- "don't have a pot to piss in" that's because a lot of people did have pots like this that were their night time potty that was dumped in the morning, but if they were really poor, they didn't even have this and had to go outside to do their business. Thus the phrase.

 I think this was a neat idea. If you can't tell these books were painted completely white- pages and all. not the interior though. I personally like the aged look, but it was a cool idea.

Oh This----candle sticks with stacked thread on it- wouldn't this be neat at Christmas!

This was a bed post hanging near the register- but could also work on old fence panel. They took Christmas lights and tied scraps of fabric around it. It looks even better in person.

What ideas and sweet items do you find in antique stores?
What is your personal style?
Do you have a favorite antique store I should check out?

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