Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Window Pane Jewelry Holder}

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Ok I finally finished this project! You can see the first couple parts of it here.

I first just nailed some gold tone nails around in specific places on the wood to hang some necklaces.
Then also screwed in some tiny loops that came in a picture hanging kit to hang some earrings. They are tiny so you can't see them well. But you literally hand screw them in. Then on the sides, like the right one above, I screwed in black hooks to hang multiple necklace strands. And finally I had to take some finger nail clippers to clip a few pieces of the screen to allow room for some necklace hooks and earrings to slip into easier.

Then I used my trusty well-used and well-loved glue gun to attach little decorative knobs.
This is just a shot of the knob so you can see how it looks.I put the glue directly on the knob
Then held the knob in place for a bit while it dried and hardened.

See all the character and chipped paint and dirt on this- I LOVE IT!

Here is another one where the paint has chipped off.

And Here you go:

I have hung more of the necklaces on the bottom knobs now, but wanted to give them some time to dry and harden well.

Here is an up-close look at the earrings through the screen, and at the top, one of the little screw-in hooks.
This adds so much personality to the master bedroom. If you can tell our blue is quite bright. I love the color but we keep adding white and browns to tone it down and break it up more.


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