Thursday, February 9, 2012

{ Let's be honest }

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I know that I will not get around to posting daily for a while once Baby #3 arrives. So I am going to switch things up a bit for a little while. You will probably mostly see baby and family related items on here till around oh maybe May or June. I am just trying to be realistic as to what I will accomplish DIY wise with a 4 year old- who will turn 5 while I am out, a 1 year old, and newborn.
Who knows, I may surprise myself......and you.
I am sure I will be sharing some things I make for a certain little girls 5th birthday party.
A few items I am still writing up, and the Guest Posts that some wonderful bloggers are working on. Speaking of- if you would like to be included or write a Guest post while I am out- contact me at
So I am planning to participate in:

And then a Photo-A-Day for March. By then- I should have some kind of grip on life with 3 kiddos.

Any tips on transitioning from 2 to 3?


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