Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{My DIY Valentines}

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I had seen this idea here last year and Knew I Had to do it!!!

This was so simple. The hardest part was getting my kids to cooperate. Really I expected to only get my 4 year old daughters done. I mean who was my 1 year old going to give valentine's to? I just got lucky with a picture of him.

He actually had food in his hand so it was balled up already lol. It is very hard even with my DSLR to capture a picture of him where he is not a blur. Especially because he likes to walk right up to the camera lens and wave in it, try to look through it, or touch it - HA!

And my sweet girl did several poses. Not sure why she likes to cock her head this way, but its the newest pose, so I went with it since it is the phase we are in.

All I did to edit these basic pictures was to open them up in picnik.com (which is closing in April) and added borders, text boxes, and the little stickers for Walker's. I only added the stickers to his because of the glare on the side of his face.

I then loaded these up to CVS and used a code to get them printed for free- 25 pictures total.

I plan to take a little exacto-knife and slice a small hole at the top and bottom of their fist and slide a sucker that we purchased into it. On the back of the picture, we will write the name of who it is to.


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