Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{ Pinterest Challenge}

So my friend Kelly challenged all of us girls to stop our addiction to Pinterest for a bit and actually MAKE something we pinned. I had several that I wanted to do, so I got to it. I actually got a lot done, but in the interest of Time, and the length that this post already will be, I will only share one today. And probably another tomorrow, and then a few others that I didn't really get before pictures of, so will be shorter or combined posts.

I wish I could get this hung like TODAY, or yesterday I could have put some nice earrings on it, or added some color that I Love. I guess I could have still hung some earrings from it to show you my idea for it. This will hang in our Master Bedroom, and I am going to hang jewelry and pictures from it. My Father in Law has a TON of these in an old building that was his grandfathers old store. This building has some of the coolest stuff in it. I have to wait til winter to get stuff out of it because of snakes and spiders, but I have a list of things I want from it.

 So this is my inspiration image from Pinterest, found here:

Ok so This is how I started this project. I have the cutest lil Vanna White helper. And she loves to pose, can you tell?

These were my basic supplies: staple gun and staples, screen, and the old window pane with the glass already removed.

Don't you just love the chipping paint and cracking, and various paint colors showing through there!
I love how she just Pops up in some pics with a random silly face. So what I did now was unroll and measure the screen to cut it, then just started stapling it onto the window pane. I also stapled it to the inner cross bars so it would stay put and be secure.

This is what it looked like once the screen was attached. And it just needed something. Our bedroom walls are a bright sky blue. I love it, its actually calming, but more so with other things toning it down, like our cherry wood furniture, white curtains, white bedding, etc. So I needed something else on the walls to help tone it down a bit and to add some charm to it. We currently don't have anything hanging on the walls besides the curtains. So definitely needs something.

So I took a piece of fabric I had in my stash that looks like a burlap type print on it and cut it down to fit.

Can you see that textured print? it is not raised at all, just plain cotton fabric. but it meets the need.

Then I got to stapling it down, but I did not staple this down to the pane pieces, just the outside and pulled it tight.

See how tight I pulled it? I didn't need to iron it once I got it secured.

I added the hanging teeth at each top corner. Those are easy, just a hammer and nails needed. These were in a picture hanging kit we already had.

One more gratuitous shot of the chipping paint with the screen and fabric added. I am very happy with it all. It just makes me smile. Hubby is glad to see it being used. 

And well the Final Product, tell me.......what do you think?

I just love how charming it looks. It just fits our home and lifestyle so well.

Do you have any pinterest challenge projects going on? What projects are you working on?

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