Friday, June 10, 2011

You Like Me, and other things....

Yes I am glad to have so many people Like me :-). I am much more popular here than I was in High school. I grabbed this from a new blog I am following. There are some great tips for other bloggers, new bloggers, etc.

A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design Friday Blog Hop

Join with other Mom bloggers to find other friends on the blog hop above. I found great tutorials on:
How to Remove Borders from Around the Images you Post

How to setup an RSS Feed Account with Feedburner

How to Remove the Blogger Navigation Bar

Number Your Blogger Comments

How to Add a Copy Code Box for your Button (Video)

How to Add Cute Custom Fonts to Your Blogger Post, Header and Sidebar Titles

How to Make Links and Buttons Open in a New Window

How to Schedule when your New Post will show on Your Blog

Align and Adjust the Sizes of your Buttons and Images

My take on switching web browsers from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome

You can also have her do any of it for you, or create custom blog design packages.

Also a few blog freebies can be found on her site.  Hope you find it as exciting as I did.


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