Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quick Change Baby Outfit!

I found this cute little linen romper outfit. I have heard it called a johnjohn outfit because of John Kennedy Jr wearing it. It was 1.50 at a thrift store and this pale yellow color and had some stains. I don't really Love yellow on kids, especially boys, but since I was looking to make a Baptism outfit for my son, this was sorta the style I wanted to go with. I figured worse case I could use it as a pattern. Then I realized I could use it for more than that. After my trial run using Rit dye on dirty spit clothes with success, I felt confident I could try dying this outfit a royal blue. Again worse case I could just use it as a pattern.

So I used the Royal Blue color Rit dye and followed the directions on the packet for using the bucket method. I wanted to make this DARK, as far from this yellow as possible. So I dissolved my dye in 2c of hot water, and ran hot water into my bucket, then added the pre-dissolved dye. I wet the outfit in the sink to make sure it was good and wet and grabbed a chopstick to use to stir with. What, its free and can be thrown away...

I let it sit overnight in the dye bath to get it super dark. Then I drained the water out, and started running warm water, then slowly cooler water in to rinse it until clear water came out of the outfit. Then washed in the baby detergent. I ended up with this result:
I could Not be happier with how it turned out. Very boyish, clean look. Some cute socks or white shoes would look perfect with this. I am not using it as his Baptism outfit though as due to the linen texture of the cloth, it looks a little like denim, not exactly what I had in mind for his Baptism lol, not that anyone would care but me. So what do you think? Have you tried dying anything? How did it turn out? Success or Big Fail?

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