Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quick Remodel

I have found myself quickly falling in love with the modern farmhouse style decor I have been seeing around lately. I just can't help it. It may have to do with the fact we live on a mini-farm, or that we drink from mason jars. Or maybe its the simplicity of it that I love since I have 2 small children now. Anyway. When we built our house my decorating style was a work in progress and based on both of our mother's decor tastes- especially since most of the items came from either of them, or handed down, or a few that hubby and I picked out together. A modge podge collection at best. Thanks to blogworld I have found several pictures and tips of re-purposing already owned items or thrifted items to fit your home better. So Modern Farmhouse is more my style now!! Woohoo! Step one- deciding my style complete. Well my fireplace is a stacked rock in earthtone colors. I had black pillar candle holders from a home party, a wood clock that was a wedding present, and miscellaneous items that we put out of the kids reach as our mantle decor. What? Admit it- you have the omg- takethatouttayourmouth- your gonna-choke items on your mantle too!

So I have found a few items that I just loved along the way that I used to re-decorate this central, easy to see part of my Living Room. First I used this scale I purchased at a thrift store.
Don't ya just love that scale.....ahhhh.

Oh and then there is this lantern candle holder that my MIL found at Goodwill for me! She has finally figured out my tastes YAY
 Then my $3 frame from another thrift store that was a gold metallic color, I sprayed it an ocean blue color.
And I took those black pillar candle holders and spray painted them white, then sanded the edges so some of the black could peek through. And I ended up with This look!
Can you understand how much I LOVE this! I forgot to mention the little rooster I found for $1 at a thrift store. It was multicolored- like a rooster, and I sprayed it the same blue as the frame. I think my mantle needed this pop of color. It is so peaceful and calming. I just look at it now and enjoy the 10 mins of work it took me.


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