Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting My daugher involved in projects

One of the recent finds at a new local thrift store scored me this cute basket for just $1. It is metal and wicker and has cute daisy print on it. I knew it would be cute for my daugters room, but could not figure out why something with a cute flower print would be in such a dull lifeless color.
So I showed it to my girlie girl 4 year old Spencer and off we went to Walmart to pick out a paint color.
I was not the least bit surprised that she picked out this watermelon pink color. So we both put on our pink gloves, learned to shake the can together and let her spray the first bit. She does not have quite enough strength to do much, but the point was to allow her the feeling of participating and accomplishing a craft that she can use. I hope this is a skill that she can take on to repurpose- or Upcycle, as the new term is, various things in a frugal manner throughout life. I hope to teach her to use her imagination and be creative in so many different parts of her life.
Well here is a quick picture we took while the paint was drying. My helper would tell me where I missed spots and help hold up the handle so I could get the bottom. We had so much fun together and it was less than 5 minutes of actual work on this project. The rest was waiting for it to dry. This basket just looks so much happier and alive. So summery!

Here is a close up of it when it was dry. See how sweet those little daisy flowers look in a bright glossy pink. This basket is really unrecognizeable. Quick projects like this spur me on to bigger projects. I love having instant gratification of an end result that spray paint gives me.


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