Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{More Organizing}

I am still nesting. My new baby is almost a month old and I have So much energy so every nap or time to myself I am cleaning and reorganizing and decluttering things. My kitchen is looking SO good. I am loving my cleaned off counters, almost completed pantry, silverware drawer, and the only thing I am not sure what do with is my knife drawer. 

I don't like having a knife block on my counter. And I need stuff out of the kids reach. I am looking for a good way to keep them out of the way and they are currently in a drawer but my son likes to open drawers and grab stuff out. So worried he is going to grab a knife one day and get hurt once he gets much bigger. 

I have seen these neat knife blocks in a drawer from the container store. I like it a lot. I also stumbled across the website for Knife-depot. ( I took a look at these knives- the boker knife, Spyderco knife, and the gerber knife. It has some great deals on great knife sets including the ginsu and miracle blade sets. So just had to tell you about that little gem. I am still on the hunt for a safe way to organize this knife you have any tips?

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