Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{Homemade bread}

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I have made this bread recipe from The simple Dollar website, and it is good, just time consuming. As you are doing the kneading and rising on your own and by hand and tracking the time for each step.

Then I saw this bread recipe that uses a bread machine. I had a bread machine once and donated it because though I like the idea of the ease of a bread machine but I hate losing half my loaf because of the mixing blade. 

So I then I found Crystal from Money Saving Mom's tip and recipe where she does the bead in a machine just using the dough cycle then moving it to loaf pan to rise and then bake. Also super easy. So here goes my bread machine recipe trial.

I had my recipe printed out and got all the ingredients out. You add all the ingredients in the specific order to the machine. 
Then I selected 9 for the dough cycle and hit start. And waited. It was about an hour 20 minutes that it did its work.

I then pulled the dough out and formed it into a loaf with a smooth top (not hard just hard to describe) and put it in the loaf pan that I had greased with shortening, and let it rise 20-40 mins. and it looked like this when I put it in my oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

And this is the beautiful, light and fluffy bread that I had available. It has been such a hit already that I have made it 2 more times and will make more tomorrow. 

I also tried the dinner roll recipe that works the same way with just as amazing results. Will share those pics next time I make it as they disappeared so quick ;-)


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